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Butter Processing

Butter Processing is one of the specialities of FSA International Ltd who can provide a full service from feasibility appraisals through to design, supply, and installation. We also provide training, on the butter equipment and on the manufacture of your new product so you can be sure of receiving a comprehensive service from us.

Butter Processing can be provided in individual pieces of equipment or complete butter process lines. Our equipment can be all new, all reconditioned, or a mix of new and reconditioned equipment, depending on your specification or budget.

Butter Processing 100,000 ltr/day Milk & Butter Production

We are able to provide for any range of butter production capacity from small individual processes to complete factories and we are extremely flexible in tailoring our proposals to meet the practical and financial constraints of our customers.

Cheese By Ultra-Filtration 4,000 ltr/day Milk Production

FSA International Ltd are based in England, but our service stretches across international boundaries as we are very experienced and capable in dealing with enquiries, installations and projects in any country.

Small Yoghurt Line Product and Process Training

We pride ourselves in our outstanding high standards and customer service and we are renowned for our experience in the dairy processing industry.

If you would like any further information please feel free to contact us at:

FSA International Ltd.
Duck Farm Court, Station Way, Aylesbury
Buckinghamshire, England, HP20 2SQ
Tel: +44(0)1296 436101  Fax: +44(0)1296 395894

Web: www.butterprocessing.com
E-Mail: butter@fsaint.co.uk 

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